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Sigma Tile Cutter

Sigma 3E3M Max 90cm Tile Cutter Package- Special Deal!

This special deal includes the Sigma 3D3M MAX 90cm tile cutter, 10 spare titanium Sigma wheels, 10 bags of 500 Sigma spacer wedges, 1,500 high quality levelling clips, and 100 leveling system wedges.

£435.00 per package incl. VAT
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The Sigma 3D3M Max Series Tile Cutter is the choice for professionals in the field. Made in Italy, this manual tile cutter will cut a range of tiles up to 19mm thick.


Tiles are scored by moving the breaker handle and scoring wheel swiftly across the tile surface. A quick movement on the breaker handle then snaps the tile with unerring accuracy. The Sigma 3D3M utilises a vibration dampened breaker that can score relief surfaces with confidence and precision every time. Due to constant improvements and its inherent strength, the 3D3M tile cutter is particularly suited to cutting uneven, thick porcelain tiles.


This special package for UK tile fitters includes the following for just £435, including VAT and delivery:

  • 1 Sigma Cutter 90cm - Model 3D3M Max
  • 10 Spare Titanium Sigma Wheels
  • 10 Bags of 500 Sigma Spacer Wedges
  • 1,500 High Quality Levelling Clips
  • 100 Leveling System Wedges
Scoring Wheel : Ball Bearing Mounted Tungsten Carbide
Breaker: Spring Loaded Dampened
Base Plate: Impact Absorbing Spring Loaded
Measurements Bar: Centimetres and Inches
Maximum Tile Thickness: 19 mm
Maximum Straight Cut Length: 90.5 cm
Maximum Diagonal Cut Tiles up to 64 x 64 cm
Maximum Breaking Strength 1,200 kg

Price includes delivery and VAT.

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Here's a video of a Sigma tile cutter in action in Australia. The fitter shows the speed and ease of cutting; a clean cut is achieved every time.


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