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Metal Mosaic Tiles

Metal Mosaic Tiles 30 x 30 cm

"... a truly modern mosaic size ... with a perfect brushed aluminium finish."

£19.99 per sheet incl. VAT
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The smooth sheen of this brushed aluminium mosaic tile makes it the perfect companion for any design idea. With corrosion not a possibility, our Metal Mosaic can be installed into almost any situation, not just kitchens and bathrooms, without fear of the surface tarnishing.


The neutral colour means it will harmonise with practically any colour palette, and will tie in with any other metallic fixtures in the vicinity such as taps and handles.


The 12mm squares are a truly modern mosaic size, and the slight bevel on each piece ensures ease of grouting the joints on these wall tiles, and a perfect finish.

Tile Size: 30 x 30 cm sheet
Material: Aluminium
Finish: Aluminium
Colour: Aluminium
Suitable Areas: Wall Tile Only
Recommended Adhesive for Walls: Standard Set
Availability: NOW IN STOCK

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