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Your Rights

Your Rights as a Consumer:

UK citizens’ consumer rights for purchases made online are among the best in the world. You enjoy greater rights for online purchases as compared with purchases made on the high street.


Should you fail to be satisfied with the products and services we deliver to you, then as your first port-of-call, please call us or send us an email, and let us know where we’ve gone wrong.


In the unlikely event that we’re unable to resolve your problem, you should approach the Citizens Advice Bureaux, who’ll provide you with the necessary information to protect your rights.


How the Law Protects You:

To fully inform yourself of your rights when shopping online, we draw your attention to Which? Consumer Rights’ website. They’ve summarized in a clear and readable overview the legal protections you enjoy here. Those rights (a result of EU Directives which are now a part of UK law) ensure that all consumers can rely on the same extensive protections, no matter where they shop in the EU.


In addition, Which? Consumer Rights have prepared a very accessible summary of the Consumer Rights Act 2015. This law ensures that all traders treat their customers in an honourable fashion.  You can read the summary here. Of course, if you’d prefer to roll up your sleeves and read the full text of the law yourself, then buckle up, and dive in here.