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Tile Ideas For Living Rooms

Tile Living Room Ideas


Traditionally, many homeowners limited tiled flooring to just their kitchen and bathroom designs. However in recent years, more and more trend setters are demonstrating their penchant for tiles as the living room flooring of choice. Apart from delivering a dramatic living room space, other substantial benefits relate to practicality, cost effectiveness, domestic hygiene, and the almost infinite options available.


Tile Ideas for Living Room

Photo: Marble Effect Floor Tiles in UK Living Room

Floor Tiles are Extremely Durable and Maintain their Pristine Look For Decades

Your living room is exactly what it says on the tin – it’s the room you and your family do most of your living in. So it will have the most footfall of all rooms, and therefore be more prone to wear and tear. But this is exactly the environment in which natural flooring such as oak and marble suffer. To keep natural flooring looking fresh in a setting as abrasive as the living room is extremely costly. And if regular expensive maintenance does not take place, natural flooring tends to look scuffed and worn. Carpets also suffer – not only from footfall attrition, but also from exposure to sunlight, often giving your living room the dreaded two, or even three tone, jaded look.


Floor tiles, however, are incredibly durable and suffer from none of these drawbacks, giving your living room that fresh, sparkling look throughout the years of footfall, use and abuse that your living room will endure.


Floor Tile Ideas for Living Room

Photo: Decorative Floor Tiles in Modern Living Space

Tiles are Very Easy to Clean and Maintain

As well as wear and tear, the living room floor is also victim to frequent soiling – whether coffee or wine spills, food, shoe dirt, the kids, or candlewax. Such soiling can permanently stain natural flooring such as wood and stone which are very porous, as well as carpets which also tend to absorb odours. To maintain such flooring in the busy space of the living room requires professional carpet cleaning or expensive stain removal. Tiles, however, are a delight to maintain. A simple brush or wipe of a cloth will remove any type of dirt or stains, keeping the tiles as immaculate as the day they were installed.


Floor Tile Ideas For Living Room

Photo: Wood Effect Floor Tiles in Modern Apartment

Floor Tiles Support Domestic Hygiene and Sufferers of Allergies and Hay Fever

Due to their tremendously non-porous nature, tiles are incapable of trapping those dodgy bugs that can trigger illness in the house. Spores, dust, hairs (human or animal), pollen, and mites simply have nowhere to hide on a tiled floor. This affords a far healthier and hygienic domestic ecosystem for the family than a carpeted or natural floor in the living room. Tiled flooring is particularly supportive to the many sufferers of hay fever and domestic allergies.


Tile Living Room Ideas

Photo: Sauco Floor Tiles in Modern Apartment

Tiles & Underfloor Heating Make For Cosy Living Rooms

Ingrained memories of stepping onto cold bathroom tiles on a British winter’s morning still traumatise people. However such ordeals belong to a bygone era. The simple fact is that tiles are excellent conductors of heat - that's why tiles quickly draw the heat out of the surface of your foot and thus feel ‘cold’, even though they’re the same temperature as the carpet. The upside to this is that tiles heat up very quickly. Thus a tiled living room floor combined with underfloor heating is, in fact, one of the most efficient ways of heating a room. In such a heating arrangement, the tiles heat up quickly, surrounding your feet in a warm cosy cloud and keeping your living room snug.


Tile Living Room Ideas

Photo: Floor Tiles with Underfloor Heating

Huge Selection of Living Room Floor Tiles Available

When it comes to living room floor tiles there’s a huge selection of styles, patterns, colours, and textures to choose from – from marble to wood effect, from monochrome concrete to polychrome encaustic tiles, from distressed wood to multi-hued slate. These tiles simulate so perfectly that they’re almost unrecognisable from the real thing, however they’re far more durable, hygienic and easier to maintain.

Such a limitless supply of options means you can create your own unique look for your living room, rather than be tied down by the limited options provided by carpet or natural materials. Or if you’ve already decided on your living room wall design or furniture layout, the endless options available means that by opting for tiles you’ll find the perfect match.


 Photo: Atelier Wood Effect Floor Tiles in Living Area

Tiles Are An Extremely Cost Effective Option

Tiles are a far more affordable choice than the natural materials (such as oak, marble, and slate) that they emulate, their maintenance costs are also considerably lower, and their durability means they last longer. Furthermore, when combined with underfloor heating, tiles heat up rooms in an energy-light fashion, thus reducing your energy consumption and bills. These assets combined make tiles an extremely cost-effective and environmentally-friendly option for your living room.


The above qualities crown tiles as peerless when it comes to living room floors. Opting for tiles affords you the occasion to create your own bespoke look that combines beauty, style, practicality, good health, cosiness, and economy – the perfect combination for contemporary living and living rooms. So why would you consider any other floor material for your living room? In the next article we’ll investigate the optimal tile types, from the huge array of possibilities, for your living room floor.

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