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Everything’s Going to be All White

In the times we live in, surrounded as we are by endless house and home interior magazines, and websites such as Pinterest and Houzz, creators of all types of home domestic products, furnishings, and finishes are constantly scrambling to be cleverer, more innovative, and forever striving to deliver a wow factor that stands out from the crowd.


The demand for particular colours, patterns, textures, and forms is in permanent flux, as fads come and go. Designers are always chasing the current trends or trying to set them. So often it’s good to take a step back and consider some of the simpler styles that can be used to produce an equally dramatic living area – in this case, the humble white wall tile and large white floor tiles.


White Wall Tiles

One of the most popular and bestselling tiles today is the Metro Tile. Instantly recognisable by anyone who has ever travelled on an underground rail system, plain in colour, the beauty of this tile is in its shape. The pronounced bevel surrounding the flat, raised central area means that once installed, the atmosphere of the room is enhanced by myriad shadows and reflections, with each angled surface bouncing light in a different way.


White Wall Tiles in Bright Modern Kitchen  

There's no need for extra design in this kitchen wall tile, or colour, or pattern. In any kitchen or bathroom, these tiles are a definitive statement, but neutral enough not to be overpowering. And of course, in white, they serve to maximise the brightness of the room. Simplicity works well here, and that is the attraction.


Large White Floor Tiles

Many of the same points apply to floor surfaces. A bright floor tile, especially if glossy, can make the difference between a poorly lit, unappealing area, and a gleaming, shiny living space. Making the most of the sunlight during the day, and artificial light in the evenings, can be of paramount importance in many buildings. There is no better way to do it than with beautiful large white floor tiles.


Large White Floor Tiles  with Modern Stylish Armchairs


The room above benefits from the almost seamless expanse of glossy large white floor tiles. It exudes a modern, minimalistic allure, with clean lines and an uncluttered finish.


Large White Floor Tiles and Space

Unquestionably, any space will look larger when it’s brighter. In the room above, the white armchairs are only a couple of metres in distance from each other. But with a pattern free surface, the apparent size of the room increases further. And as white floor tiles come in all shapes and sizes, installing the largest possible size, within reason, will further improve the sense of expanse, as fewer grout lines are visible.


So for a homeowner who needs to amplify the feeling of space as much as possible, white floor tiles are an excellent choice. Note also the monochrome colour scheme for the furnishings, wall paints, and curtains in the room above.


Even the tight office space below is transformed by white polished porcelain floor tiles, making the space appear much roomier than it actually is.


Large White Floor Tiles in Contemporary Office


Large white floor tiles afford you the opportunity to accent the rest of the room with any colour you wish. They integrate perfectly with any use of bold primary colours, muted pastels, subdued greys, blacks or taupes.


White Tiles with a Difference

For the homeowner who wishes for a little more design on their tile, they might consider white marble effect tiles. Predominantly white, but with light grey seams and veins delicately added, the floor becomes the centrepiece of the room, without losing any of the advantages already mentioned.

Our magnificent Naos white tiles, pictured below, have all the pleasing aesthetic qualities of polished marble. However, unlike real stone, there is no maintenance involved. The finish will not tarnish over time. There are no weaknesses along veins, which can so often lead to cracks in the stone.


Large White Floor Tiles in Modern Home


Most people would agree that a plain white bathroom tile can look too clinical, and unless complemented by a spectacular décor, border, or mosaic, can be cheap looking. This is where our marble effect tiles come into their own. Despite being a robust porcelain tile, and therefore also suited for use on the floor, they bestow a classical look on any wall. A pokey little bathroom or ensuite is transformed into a bright and elegant space – no additional wall decoration is needed, as there is just enough detail in the veining that nothing more is required.


White Marble Effect Wall Tiles in Bathroom


To Wrap Up

We think large white floor tiles and white wall tiles can often be underestimated. They are a beautiful product in their own right, and yet can be a crucial element of any room when there is a need to capitalise on available light, or create a greater sense of space.

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