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Three Very Clever Kitchen Concepts

This week we’re going to present three very clever kitchen concepts that we think will take your fancy. The beauty of these designs lies not only in their creative intelligence, but also in their glorious simplicity. Whether you're considering a large open plan kitchen, or have only a few square feet of apartment space available, one of the following concepts will certainly resonate with you.

A Floating Island

We start off with this innovative K7 kitchen island we stumbled upon at Wharfside in London.

K7 Kitchen by Team7 Wharfside

 At first glance, nothing unusual about this modern island unit. Plenty of room to work with the overhanging worktop, and a nice smart built-in hob and sink combination.


Of course, as with most island units, and indeed countertops, if you happen to be just the right height, then you will be perfectly suited. But the odds of a unit’s height perfectly complementing your own height are rather slim. And orthopaedic experts point to repeated stooping or hunching over incompatible countertops and desks as one of the primary causes of back pain and damage.


The solution that we often go for are height-adjustable stools. But they tend to clutter movement around the island, and they won’t do much for you if you wish to stand while working at your countertop.


The intelligence of the K7 unit is that it respects the fact that different heights are needed at different times and for different people. And rather than demanding us to come down (or up) to the level of the countertop, it will come to our level! At the press of a button the worktop smoothly adjusts in height to suit your immediate needs.

K7 Kitchen by Team7 Wharfside - raised

Need a higher surface for preparing a meal?

Need a different height to complement your seating?

No problem, just touch the button and adjust as desired.


And what if you need a central bar area for your drinks party?

Or need somewhere to spread out your paperwork during the day?

Again, no problem – the tap seamlessly retracts and the sink has a cover, leaving a perfectly smooth impediment-free worktop. How smart is that?


K7 Kitchen by Team7 Wharfside - room


The unit comes with handle-free, press open, cushion close cupboards in keeping with the sleek minimalist design. A superb, problem-solving idea that is especially suited to an open plan living area. Check out this short video to see the stylish K7 island in action. 

 A Sliding Worktop

Next we move on to a variation on the theme of dynamic worktop surfaces designed by neillerner. It cleverly optimises available space by presenting a tasteful countertop to facilitate daily living and movement in a busy household. But when the time comes to cook, the countertop slides forward to reveal the hob! It’s an effortless movement and nothing needs to be moved from the countertop.


Dynamic Worktop from neillerner


The resultant overhang provides the necessary legroom for pulling up your stool. And as an extra bonus, the unit makes an ideal bar area when the party comes into the kitchen.


What a clever design which transforms, in essence, an elegant worktop into your kitchen, into your bar area, and back again. This unit is certain to become the social centre of your home.


We would definitely be looking at something like this for apartment living where every square foot comes at a premium, or for those who prefer the minimalist approach to kitchen design.

A Revolving Kitchen

And finally, instead of the kitchen being a room, why not put the room to better use, and just locate the kitchen out of the way in a corner.

Revolving Kitchen

Circle Kitchen have brilliantly designed this revolving unit incorporating all you need in a modern kitchen, and have compressed it all into an area of just 11 square feet! This unit has worktop length of approximately 10 feet, and the storage equivalent of 12 cupboards.


Everything can be accessed from a standing or seated position and, crucially, the use of sliding doors means that you are never obstructed by open doors, or irritated by those cupboards that open the wrong way. This “room within a room” is the new urban standard for efficient, value-added planning perspectives, and is especially attractive in city apartments or for commercial use.


Float, Slide or Revolve?

So how about that for three very clever designs? All of these kitchen concepts will introduce style, elegance, and intelligent use of space into your home.


Once you’ve chosen the perfect kitchen floor tiles as the foundation underneath, you just need to choose whether you wish to float, slide or revolve.

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