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Floor Tiles for Restaurants – Style

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Porcelain Floor and Wall Tiles in a Restaurant


A restaurant is a special space designed to create an ambience and aura that invites diners to relax, unwind, and enjoy their food and company. The choice of flooring is a key ingredient in the generation of this unique environment. There are 3 principal areas in any restaurant: the dining area, kitchen, and washroom. When it comes to flooring, there are 3 essential factors that need to be considered: durability, ease of cleaning, and style. In this article we'll examine style.


Whatever style you want to infuse in your restaurant, a huge array of tiles is available to produce the desired effect. There is a wide range of options in terms of appearance, including wood-effect, cement effect, stone effect, and encaustic effect tiles. And within these ranges lies a wealth of further possibilities including marble, granite, slate, limestone, sandstone, and travertine or mahogany, oak, birch, and distressed wood (in the wood-effect range). All are available in different shades, hues and finishes, with a range of different patterns possible, from traditional to modern. Almost any style you desire is available with tiles. And if you’re not sure what style you want, then our floor tiles collection is sure to inspire you.


Floor Tiles in a Restaurant

Dining Area

The dining area needs to exude comfort, charm, and warmth. To achieve this style, our wood-effect ranges are considered by many to offer the optimal aesthetics. Consider our Laponia tile which conveys the calming ambiance of milled timber. It’s available in both majestic mahogany and regal oak wood-grain finishes. It’s rare for a tile of such luxury to be available at this price.


Or take our Atelier tile, which captures all the classic elements of first choice oak timber. It’s presented in a beautifully proportioned combination of high definition and long wide planks, in a stylish grey colour. Perhaps its greatest quality, however, is how closely it emulates genuine timber. To touch, the surface of Atelier feels exactly the same as finished oak grain, so much so, that diners will be certain their feet are brushing across the real thing.


Beautiful Grey Porcelain Restaurant Floor Tiles

 Image: Grey Porcelain Floor Tiles

Rather than a high-end restaurant, if you’re running a surf-shack café then our distressed wood-effect tiles could very well provoke the style you’re seeking.


Distressed Wood Effect Porcelain Tiles at a Beach Side Cafe


The flooring of your café will appear as if jumbled together from an assortment of timbers and planks salvaged from shipwrecks or the walls of old boathouses. It will present as steeped in mariner history with many a story to tell. That romantic allure of worn paint blended with exposed timber will instil a sense of mischief, warmth, and devil-may-care to your café. Take for example the evocative Madera Tiles from our salvaged wood range below.


Wood Effect Tiles in Stylish Restaurant with Set Tables

  Image: Madera Floor Tiles

This gorgeous tile perfectly captures the essence of ancient maritime escapades. It recreates details such as the old nail holes in the corners of salvaged timbers. The short planks give the impression of hours of painstaking craftsmanship, carefully selecting the best quality pieces, and finding the perfect balance of colours and textures. The large variety of tiles in each box ensures there’ll be no two of the same side by side on your floor. Authentic driftwood couldn’t do a better job in setting this sea-faring style. When it comes to wood-effect tiles, most of your clientele won’t even be aware they’re not walking on wood.


Aged Wood Effect Floor Tiles

Kitchen Area

The current style favoured in commercial kitchens is the open plan, where clients can survey chefs roaring at each other over sizzling food. Today’s hottest restaurant trend is to encourage diners to walk through the kitchen before they arrive at their table, thus providing them with an opportunity to assess the quality of the raw produce as well as kitchen hygiene. Hence, not only is maintaining a spotless kitchen floor (which is most easily achieved with tiles) becoming increasingly paramount, but so too is having an eye-catching, gorgeous kitchen floor.


So in this context, we recommend something from our Heritage range of floor tiles. These porcelain tiles are inspired by the eclectic Art Deco design patterns which emerged at the beginning of the 1920's, where luxury and glamour were the hallmarks. The geometric shapes, lavish colour palettes, and 70+ different patterned tiles in black, grey or a mix of colours offer an incredible opportunity to mesmerise diners as they gaze into, or indeed stroll through, your truly unique kitchen.

Washroom Areas

Any restaurateur worth their salt will know that the state and indeed style of the washroom is critical. Washroom style demands getting the perfect balance of functional and intimate; being permanently tasteful and not a temporary fad. An elegant cream and charcoal porcelain floor, with complementary ceramic wall tiles, carries off this look with enduring and discerning taste.


Cream Wall and Floor Tiles in a Restaurant Washroom


Tiles don’t just outshine other flooring materials when it comes to the practical requirements of restaurants, as discussed in our previous article. They can beautifully simulate almost any known material, while also outperforming in terms of the myriad of stylistic approaches they present and inspire. It’s no exaggeration to state that tiles will offer the complete solution to your restaurant or café flooring needs.

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