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The Cream of the Crop

Jazmine Cream Floor Tiles


When it comes to floor tiles, there’s an astonishing array of sizes, colours, textures, and patterns on offer. From small vintage style hexagonal tiles, to concrete effect large format porcelains, and everything in between, the industry has all bases covered. Fashions come and go – at the moment greys are most definitely trending – but the colour that has stayed steadily in vogue throughout all of time is cream.


Living in a country where weather can be cold, damp, and miserable for a great part of the year, it is little wonder there’s a natural lean towards the warmest colours available. A cream tile is less stark than whites, much warmer than greys, and not as striking, bold or avant-garde as solid or primary colours. Cream floor tiles are the final word in common sense when attempting to create any sort of a cosy atmosphere in the home.


Of course, there are any number of different shades and styles to choose from, but it’s very much a risk free choice. Cream floor tiles are a safe pair of hands, isolated from the ever changing modern designs and fads.


Most cream coloured tiles are replicas or imitations of stone, and for the most part they will be Crema Marfil, Travertine, and Slate. There are, of course, several others, but here we have three different rock formations, each with their own distinctive characteristics, all from markedly different palettes, but each one radiating a pleasant warmth and glow.

Travertine Stone Effect Cream Floor Tiles

Pictured below is our very own Portofino Marfil Floor Tile. It’s a replica of a light Travertine stone, in a matt finished porcelain, which is usually on the darker end of the cream spectrum. It has a gentle pattern which does not dominate the tile, and warm alluring hues which add to the charm of any room.


Portofino Cream Floor Tiles


Travertine stone has been a favourite building material for centuries, and it’s easy to see why many tile manufacturers seek to reproduce this stone. Indeed, almost every tile factory will have a Travertine cream floor tile offering in their catalogue.

Crema Marfil Effect Tiles

Another familiar style is the Cream Marfil effect tile. These tend to be significantly paler in colour and have a less distinctive patterning. Where Travertine has sedimentary style bands through it, Crema Marfil has very slight veining. As a floor tile they are equally popular in both glossy and matt.


Baqueira Cream Floor Tiles


In this close up of our Avenue Cream Floor Tile, the occasional vein, the beautiful gloss, and attractive bright clear tones have been encapsulated perfectly. “Marfil” is the Spanish word for ivory, so you can see that it is appropriately named. And as delicate as this tile may seem, it has been produced in a tough porcelain, with a durable glaze which should guarantee that it lasts a lifetime.

Cream Slate Effect Tiles

For a warm rustic look, slate is the stone of choice for many. Very often this will be available with a large variety of shading, both throughout any particular batch, and across an individual tile itself. It is the blend of texture, robust colours, and diversity that contributes to the rugged appearance.


Although often associated with dark grey, slate can come in any colour from coral pink to jet black. All stone and marble effect tiles have a significant cost advantage over the natural products they seek to imitate. Additionally, they are maintenance free, bar light daily sweeping. Because they are glazed, there is never a need for any large scale, expensive restorative work involving deep cleaning, sealing or polishing.


Slate Effect Cream Tiles on Kitchen Floor


The photo above from tile manufacturer Cicogres, with a riven tile effect face, exhibits all the attributes that natural stone slabs present.

Cream Wood Effect Tiles

No tiles offer quite the same feeling of warmth, in harmony with striking natural beauty, as wood effect tiles. Tiles with an authentic woodgrain texture surface look identical to real timber.  While the tile designers have become exceptionally creative and busy with distressed wood effect tiles, reclaimed wood looks, and stained or dyed styles, often the best choice is a light oak or beech colour.


Atelier Beige Wood Effect Tiles in Modern Apartment


Shown above is our Atelier Beige Tile, which comes in the long plank size of 120 cm, and is a glazed porcelain tile. Note how it still works well even with grey upholstered furniture, and white or off white walls and ceilings.

Cream Cement Effect Tiles

We wrap up with the modern take on cement. Naturally, cement is a light grey colour. However, tile manufacturers are now using dyes to create interesting effects which deliver the effect of a poured cement floor, but in a different colour.


Slate Effect Cream Floor Tiles in Modern Bright Kitchen


In this room, the cream floor tiles add warmth, while their simplicity ensures they don’t overpower the room with heavy patterning.


Whichever style you choose, cream floor tiles will give you a lifetime of hard wearing use and beauty.

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