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Black Tiles – Embrace your Dark Side

Make a Statement

There is quite simply no stronger statement to make than black. Think Audrey Hepburn in the opening scene of Breakfast at Tiffany's. That little black dress by Givenchy is revered as one of the most iconic items of clothing in the history of the twentieth century. Or think the New Zealand rugby team. The very glimpse of their All Black strip is said to inspire equal amounts of awe and fear in opponents.


Black - like no other colour, tone or shade - exudes absolute confidence, grace, daring and is utterly uncompromising. And if you want your kitchen, bathroom, or any other space in your home to project a sophisticated, confident, sleek, stylish look, then black may just be the colour you’re looking for.


You may object that homes should project warm, bright, colours, or that black is only for emos (or cure-heads, if you’re from an older generation). But the colour black, when intelligently employed, using the appropriate mediums and contrasts, can create not only a statement space, but also rooms that are beguiling, welcoming, cosy, intimate, and highly glamorous.

A Bathroom for the Less Confident Statement Makers

Many of us, by nature, are not bold statement makers, yet we do love to display our individuality and to make subtle, classy statements in our own small (or not so small) ways. Who hasn’t practiced a new look, pout, or hairstyle in the comfort and security of their own bathroom? Let’s be honest, we all have – and most of us still do.


So the bathroom is often the best place for us to start when considering interior design statements – a safe space for us to articulate our creativity and try out new styles that we might not be confident enough to present in larger spaces. Although the bathroom is normally a no-go area for darker colours, taking the risk can most certainly pay off - just check out this rustic old-time elegance that Ideal Home Magazine have created. Note the use of black metro wall tiles on the right hand wall.


These world famous tiles were originally installed in the curved tunnels of the early twentieth century underground railway stations throughout Europe and North America. In recent times they have ascended from the underground and been embraced in the homes and workplaces of the modern generation to add a zesty, sophisticated feel. Tile Devil’s black metro tile is extremely versatile and the juxtaposition of light, caught by the clean bevelled edges, and the deep black finish makes a thoroughly elegant and charming statement in any bathroom - or indeed kitchen.


Metro Black Wall Tiles in Kitchen

Bring Focus to Your Room

Another delightful result of going black is that, when used intelligently, it creates the perfect backdrop for creating focal points in your room. You know that favourite painting or sentimental vase that no-one seems to notice in the room. Well, set in front of a classy black tile backdrop, these treasures sing out to all present.


Black floor tiling, such as Tile Devil’s magnificent Nain slate-effect floor tiles (shown below), create the perfect environment to highlight striking contrasts. These glazed porcelain tiles perfectly encapsulate a sense of understated luxury in which natural elements such as handsomely crafted wood, or bright tones expressed by paint, throws or cushions, burst into life.


Nain Black Slate Effect Floor Tiles

Jazz Up Your Room

There are some of us, however, who emulate Luke Skywalker and quite simply will not come over to the dark side. We view black as just too dull and gloomy. We are bright happy people who want bright happy homes. Well, if you are one of these people, then maybe our Starlight black floor tiles are just the tile for you.


Starlight Sparkly Black Floor Tiles


This ceramic floor tile incorporates a dusting of silver glitter into the surface glaze. Not unlike the metallic paintwork of modern motor cars, the reflective qualities of this tile offer a visual experience you’ll find with no other product. It’s a black floor tile that will jazz up any area, and feature-lighting will maximise its wow-factor. The reflective surfaces of these tiles tend to launch light off in tangents, generating a glamorous backdrop that Hepburn would die for.

A Remedy for Dark Rooms

Living in a north-facing house in the northern hemisphere, I know what it’s like to have rooms that get very little natural sunlight. Initially I tried to compensate by using lots of bright colour - from a glossy red paint on the wall to bright yellow futons - but the rooms persisted in secreting a kind of dreary sadness. I consulted an interior designer and she responded with four simple words – “fight fire with fire”. Rather than trying to make a dark space more inviting and warmer by flooding it with bright colours, she advised me to embrace and celebrate the darkness. The installation of a black tiled floor and waist high black metro tiles, offset by pops of colour, feature-lighting, and some of my favourite pictures have now transformed the rooms into elegant living spaces. These are the rooms that I gravitate towards in the evenings, particularly for reading, as they exude a cosy, intimate restfulness.

Embrace your Dark Side with Tile Devil

Henry Ford once famously declared that “any customer can have a car painted any color he wants so long as it is black”. Now I trust we haven’t come across quite as dictatorial as the legendary automobile mogul, but I do hope we’ve stimulated your curiosity in this classic tone. If your curiosity has been stirred, why not take the risk and go for that look you really desire.


Tempted? Tile Devil, like all devils, will provide you with every assistance you need to submit to temptation and embrace your dark side.


By The Tile Monk.

About The Author

The Tile Monk lives a simple life devoted completely to tile worship. He meditates on tiles, about tiles. He no longer lays tiles; that’s for his younger apprentices.  You cannot follow him on Twitter or Facebook, as his time on this earth is dedicated solely to the contemplation of tiles, and occasional blogposts.

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