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Tilezine Covers Tile Devil's Expansion

Tilezine, the online magazine for the UK tiling industry, gave us a mention this week. They noted our growing presence and the continuing move to online from the high street by shoppers. Only those retailers with a solid e-commerce strategy will fare best.
Shopping has moved online. By way of example, Chain Reaction Cycles, based outside the small village of Doagh in Northern Ireland, is now the largest bike shop in the world. It has annual revenues of £150 million per year and sells 20,000 items daily to more than 160 countries, while their website receives more than eight million hits a month. The e-commerce momentum now appears unstoppable.
Also relevant at the moment to the tile industry are the potential implications of the UK referendum vote to leave the EU. Almost all tiles in the UK are imported, much of them from the EU. The recent weakening of the pound against other currencies means more of it is required to buy the same amount of imported goods. In addition, should the UK exit the EU without favourable cross border trade arrangements in place, this will place additional red tape, time delays, and costs onto importers across the UK. These costs will ultimately be passed onto UK consumers.
Here is the full article on Tile Devil from Tilezine.

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