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Tile and Stone Journal Discusses Tile Devil

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Tile and Stone Journal covered Tile Devil's expanding presence in the UK tile market in the August 2016 edition of their publication. At the heart of the article is how consumers are moving from the high street to the ease and cost-savings of e-commerce. 


Whether we like it or not, consumers are voting with their feet, or rather with their fingers. Only those companies who are abreast of consumer trends will continue into the future.


Offer the people what they want, at the right price, on the channels that suits them, and they will come flocking. Tiles are heavy; nobody wants to lug half a ton of tiles home with them. Serve your customers, serve them well, and deliver to their door! That's the maxim of tomorrow's successful retail companies.


Tile and Stone Journal provides information, analysis, and inspiration to the tile and stone industry in the UK and Ireland. It's the authoritative voice of the industry, and the clear market leader in circulation.

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